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Dorothy Groza

Dorothy Groza is a Los Angeles-based attorney, specializing in business litigation, real estate, employment law, wills and trusts, and dispute resolution. Prior to launching Groza Law, Dorothy worked at a prominent firm in Orange County for several years where she handled all facets of complex civil litigation matters in federal and state courts.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner herself, Dorothy understands the importance of minimizing expense to keep businesses growing.  As such, Dorothy is passionate about liability avoidance and early resolution of legal matters whenever possible. Dorothy employs a holistic approach, looking at every client’s present and anticipated legal needs to help avoid unnecessary legal disputes down the road.

Before entering civil practice, Dorothy served as a law clerk for both the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and Riverside District Attorney’s Office where she focused on writs & appeals. Dorothy obtained her Juris Doctorate from Southwestern Law School’s prestigious S.C.A.L.E. program where she served as class president for two consecutive years, and co-founder of the Elder Law Advocacy program.


Emerging Companies

Groza Law is passionate about entrepreneurship and fostering the growth of start-ups and tech companies. The firm understands the constraints new businesses face, and will work with you through the entire life cycle of your company, offering strategic, timely advice at every stage.

              • Entity Formation & Corporate Governance
              • Equity Allocation & Partnership Agreements
              • Financing Transactions & Convertible Debt
              • Licensing & Trademark Agreements
              • Employment Practices
              • Consultant and Contractor Agreements
              • Non-disclosure Agreements

Business Litigation

Groza Law is sensitive to the impact that business litigation can have on both the prosperity and reputation of your business.  We work closely with you to develop an individualized litigation strategy that is responsive to your short-term and long-term goals. We carefully carefully explore all options for resolution in order to avoid a drain on your business’ financial and personnel resources and meticulously ensure that every litigation angle is covered.

          • Complex Business Litigation
          • Contract Disputes
          • Construction Litigation
          • Banking Litigation, Including Debt Collection, Asset Recovery, Security Interest Enforcement/Protection, and Receivership Installations
          • Business Divorces
          • Fraud Claims
          • Franchisor/franchisee Disputes
          • Business Torts

Real Estate

Our real estate expertise spans all types of transactions.  We have worked with owners, sellers, purchasers, developers, lessors, lessees, contractors and financial institutions in the purchase, sale and development of residential and commercial properties.

            • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions
            • Residential and Commercial Leasing
            • Real Estate Investments
            • Complex Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes
            • Commercial and Retail Evictions
            • Escrow and Earnest Money Disputes
            • Realtor Commission Disputes

Employment Law

Groza Law understands the issues you face when entering, performing or terminating employment relationships.  We guide you through the many obstacles that can occur in the workplace and protect your legal rights. Our experience working with employers and employees gives us balanced insight that we apply proactively to accomplish win-win solutions to difficult employment issues.

              • Workplace Compliance & Liability Avoidance
              • Non-Compete Agreements
              • Wage and Hour Claims
              • Wrongful Termination
              • Title VII Anti-Discrimination Laws


Wills & Trusts

At Groza Law we understand how important it is for you to preserve your wealth and to plan for its effective succession to the next generation.  We guide you through the pitfalls and challenges you face when planning the succession of your estate and probating an estate after the death of a loved one.

            • Preparation of Wills
            • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
            • Administration of Trusts and of Decedents’ Estates
            • Business Succession
            • Guardianship Matters
            • Transfers of Control and Ownership

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Groza Law is most passionate about alternative dispute resolution.  We want to help avoid unnecessary litigation and expense by solving issues before they escalate.   We provide neutral facilitation of negotiations between parties involved in pre-litigation and litigated disputes, including assistance in recognizing interests, defining issues, evaluating alternatives, and achieving mutually satisfactory resolutions.

          • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions
          • Residential and Commercial Leasing
          • Real Estate Investments
          • Complex Commercial and Retail Landlord/Tenant Disputes
          • Commercial and Retail Evictions
          • Escrow and Earnest Money Disputes
          • Realtor Commission Disputes



We are brutally honest – even when it is hard to hear. We tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your case from the start, and don’t make false promises.


We don’t believe in a one size fits all, and don’t go through the traditional motions. We create a unique strategy for your specific needs in the early stages, and redesign when necessary.


We maintain focused practice areas and never take on more than we can handle. Every client gets our undivided attention, and we navigate through issues intelligently and quickly.


  • 01/

    Obtained favorable result for a loan brokerage in arbitration concerning multiple claims made by a disgruntled investor.

    Participant investor gone rogue

    Result: Settled in arbitration before the American Arbitration Association

    This case started in state court and we compelled arbitration on behalf of the client pursuant to contractual provisions. After extensive rounds of discovery involving protective orders related to private financial information, we settled on the first day of arbitration. Our clients' goals were to resolve this matter as amicably and privately as possible.

    What we did:

    • Compeled arbitration
    • Multiple rounds of discovery
    • Motions to compel
    • Obtained protective order
    • Deposed witnesses
    • Vetted and retained key experts
    • Analyzed complex financial documents
    • Created arbitration strategy
    • Insurance litigation
  • 02/

    Overhauled business practices and guided start-up through intricate financing and employment procedures.

    Rapidly Growing Start-Up

    Result: A healthy business with over $1,000,0000 in revenue and 11 new employees its first year.

    A team of two approached us with a new small service business that was experiencing growing pains. They were getting more business than they could handle, and didn't know where to begin with hiring and financing to position themselves for growth. Within months we helped put employment practices in place, negotiated dozens of contracts with vendors and affiliates, and set up business practices to minimize future risk.

    What we did:

    • Entity formation
    • Corporate governance
    • Drafted and negotiated multiple contracts
    • Created workplace policies and employee handbook
    • Trained staff on liability avoidance practices
    • Negotiated new leased space
  • 03/

    Quickly secured dismissal of federal wrongful foreclosure lawsuit against large national bank on motion to dismiss.

    Frivolous Wrongful Foreclosure

    Result: Wrongful foreclosure lawsuit filed by homeowner dismissed in Federal court.

    On the tailgate of the 2008 financial crisis, lenders were inundated with wrongful foreclosure lawsuits filed by some homeowners attempting to wrongfully delay foreclosure after default. We vigorously and successfully defended our client, a well respected national bank, in both federal and state court from numerous frivolous claims like these. In this case study, we quickly and efficiently filed a motion to dismiss which was granted without leave.

  • 04/

    Boldly negotiated $6 million stock repurchase agreement and related transfers on behalf of shareholder.

    Stock Repurchase

    Result: Shareholder received a lump $6 million payment for shares.

    Our client was defrauded into selling certain company shares for far below market value. The perpetrators prepared false evaluations and mislead our client for their financial gain. Upon uncovering the fraud, and the bringing certain sensitive evidence to light, we were able to void the previous sale of the shares and renegotiated a new stock repurchase agreement for $6 million.

    What we did:

    • Evaluated multiple stock purchase and sale agreements
    • Stock evaluation
    • Multiple rounds of negotiation with opposing counsel
    • Mediation with all parties
    • Drafted settlement agreement
    • Drafted sole and separate property agreement for married stockholder
  • 05/

    Favorably settled complex employment lawsuit involving wrongful termination, fraud, and wage and hour claims.

    Employment Matters

    Result: Disposed of wrongful termination, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress claims on motion for summary judgment and favorably settled wage and hour claims on the eve of trial.

    Our client was sued by a disgruntled employee for wrongful termination, fraud, wage and hour claims, slander, privacy violations, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. We won via motion for summary judgment on all claims excluding the wage and hour claims. Due to a lack of proper documentation, our client elected to settle the wage and hour claims to minimize any possible exposure. Thereafter, we overhauled our client's employment policies and practices to limit any future liability.

    What we did:

    • Complex pre-trial work
    • All phases of discovery
    • Motion for summary judgment
    • Four successful demurrers
    • Depositions
    • Drafted new employee policies and practices for client
    • Counseled client for future liability avoidance
  • 06/

    Obtained summary judgment against individual guarantor of a $5 million real property secured loan for investor.

    Investor Recouped $5 Million from Guarantor

    Result: Enforced a personal guaranty and recovered $5 million for investor after foreclosure, and recovered attorneys fees.

    Our client purchased a note and guaranty secured by real property. The borrower defaulted on the note, and the property was foreclosed upon. Thereafter, we pursued the guarantor on behalf of our client for the deficiency.

    Our commercial litigation practice covers a wide range of cases, including, but not limited to:

    • Complex litigation involving multiple cross-complaints and parties
    • All phases of discovery including motions to compel
    • Extensive financial document review and analysis
    • Drafted successful motion for summary judgment
    • Drafted successful motion for attorneys fees

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